We are your Vermont State Colleges.

83% of students are Vermonters

We exist for the benefit of Vermont. We provide diverse college experiences for Vermont’s students and the qualified workforce needed to grow the state’s economy.

Vermonters have access to quality higher education no matter where they live. With locations within twenty-five miles of most households, as well as online, our state colleges are accessible to everyone.

Eighty-three percent of our students are Vermonters. They come to us for personal growth, career training, and better job opportunities.

two thirds of alumni live and work in Vermont

2/3 of alumni live and work in Vermont.

Two-thirds of our graduates continue to live and work in Vermont, and our programs align with Vermont’s workforce needs. Our students go on to provide healthcare, create new businesses, educate our children, design and engineer solutions in new technology, and more. These are the professionals that create a dynamic community and a thriving economy.

Exciting Plans are on the Horizon for Our Schools and Our Students

Over the next several years, Castleton University, Northern Vermont University (at Johnson and Lyndon), and Vermont Technical College will come together under one accreditation to form a single university across our current campus locations. This university, along with the Community College of Vermont, will provide the added benefits of:

83% of students are Vermonters